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Press Conference


Justice for Jeremiah?”


Date: Tuesday, 30 June 2015 at 13.00


Location: Chamber of Solicitors: Serdar Kaya &Christian Noll

Meinekestrasse 7

10719 Berlin. Germany.


A meeting is to be held to discuss the verdict of the recent British Inquest into the suspicious death of Jeremiah Duggan and to discuss what should be the outcome of the findings that were revealed.


Hans-Christian Ströbele, German Politician for the Green party (parliamentary duties allowing) will address the wider issues this case rises.  Ursula Caberta, former politician and State Official for Hamburg and expert on Cults will draw attention to the dangers of political cults.


The lawyers for the Duggan family will reveal their future plans to support the efforts of Erica Duggan to get a proper, independent and far reaching investigation into her son’s death.


After years of legal action in 2012 an extremely rare court order by the Frankfurt High Court ( OLG- Oberlandsgericht) verdict was critical of the way the death had not been properly investigated. Despite this verdict, the Wiesbaden Prosecution office contacted the self same police detective who was responsible for the case in 2003, despite his destroying vital evidence in the beginning. He was then appointed, despite legal complaints being made.


    The Duggan family’s lawyers will make public their letter urging the Wiesbaden Prosecutor to take into account the findings of the British Inquest and as a matter of urgency instigate a wide-ranging, unbiased investigation.

    Hans-Christian Ströbele and Ursula Caberta will speak.

    Erica Duggan will outline the obstacles faced during her 12 year campaign to achieve a proper investigation. She will give a report on the scope covered by the British Inquest and what was revealed about Jeremiah being under attack. This will include reports on the LaRouche cult and how it posed a threat to Jeremiah and his safety. 


      How the difficulties that the families in the NSU cases have experienced has also been experienced by the Duggan family.  There is a lack of any workable mechanism for an independent police complaints commission in Germany. This can clearly be shown in the respect of the failure to properly investigate the death of Jeremiah. How the problems of institutional failure persists to this day.

    Questions will be raised about why a political cult with its European headquarters in Wiesbaden, that carries responsibility for inciting hatred and spreading anti-Semitic and anti-British conspiracy theories throughout the world, is apparently granted immunity by the German state.

    The difficulties arising in dealing with cases like this that concern different countries, where preserving diplomatic relations come before the interest of Truth and Justice will be discussed.


written by Erica Duggan; for more information contact her at :  justiceforjeremiah@gmail.com

www. Justiceforjeremiah.com  and LaRouche-danger.com  The Family are represented in Germany by :

Serdar Kaya and Christian Noll:  0049 30 62 72 96 62

mail@kanzlei-kaya.de, mail@christian-noll.de


Please confirm if you wish to attend and to reserve a headset for simultaneous translation German/ English so that these can be made available. 



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 The campaign has five goals:

To get a full and fearless investigation into the violent death of Jeremiah Duggan.

2 To fund raise to pay for legal costs and translations. 

3 To conduct investigations to gather evidence.

Collect information to expose the dangers of criminal International networks that present a threat to the Individual and a danger to Society 

Main events in the campaign:

Read the address given by Frances Swaine, Human Rights Lawyer here.
Read the latest from the lawyers Leigh Day & Co on their website here.

Recent Events
27th March 2013  
The tenth anniversary of the death of Jeremiah.  

The European Court of Human Rights are considering the case against Germany  for a violation of article 2 for failing to properly investigate the death.

The British Inquest waits for more information in order to carry out a full and fearless investigation.

27th March 2011 

The eighth anniversary of Jeremiah's death.

Erica Duggan at the spot where her son was killed in Germany eight years ago

Erica Duggan lays flowers at the spot where Jeremiah's body was found.

28th March 2011    After the Prosecutor has repeatedly refused to see Erica Duggan or her lawyers an open letter was delivered at the Justice Offices in Wiesbaden which outlines the importance of instigating investigations into the compelling new information contained in witness statements.  The Prosecutor has admitted she is too busy to read the files. Click here

6th December;   APPEAL FOR FUNDS.

Appeal for Funds so that last submission can be made to the Court of Human Rights setting out the case that Germany failed to carry out a full investigation.
Go to attached file: click here


Erica Duggan answers the cruel defamation against Jeremiah and our campaign for Justice. 

This follows a
 libellous article published by the EIR Press .Click here  

Why do the former members remain silent about the dangers? Click here 

4th November 2010.  Reply Received from Metropolitan Police to letter from Mike Freer MP to speed up enquiries.

On the 4th November 2010 a reply has been received by Mr Mike Freer MP from the offices of Commander Foy, Homicide and Serious Crime Division stating that they confirm they are assisting the Coroner Mr Andrew Walker to progress the investigation.  It has taken 5 months so far and it is much hoped that a review of the files and the findings is expected soon.

Case now taken to the Court of Human Rights.

On the 5th August 2010 Erica Duggan took the case to the Court of Human Rights accusing Germany of violating article 2 because they failed to investigate sufficiently.  No witness statements were taken, no medical examinations of injuries, no post mortem, the destruction of vital evidence and a disregard for how the LaRouche leader had Jeremiah’s blood- stained passport.

New Inquest

Coroner calls in murder squad  click here

Court Hearing


On the 20th of May 2010 there will be a hearing in the Royal courts of justice, Strand, London.

After the Hearing there will be a silent five minute vigil outside the Court to honour the life of Jeremiah

At present the time of the court appearance has not been released, but If you would like to show your support by attending, please write to justiceforjeremiah@googlemail.com for the latest updates.

On 1st April 2010, Channel 4 aired 'Lost Abroad: A Parent's Story', a documentary focussing on two stories of a parent's battle to find justice for a child who was killed abroad. The film documents much of the campaign over the past year, as well as providing background information on the case:

In December 2009  The Attorney General of Britain wrote a personal letter to Erica Duggan apologising for the failures of the administration and stating that in the interest of Justice a fresh Inquest should be heard.  

Supper Quiz

In November 2009, the month that should have seen Jeremiah Duggan's 29th birthday, supporters of the Justice for Jeremiah campaign joined together to take part in a supper quiz to raise much needed funds. The supper quiz raised over £2200 and a great time was had by all.

Join the thousands of people who have signed thier name to demand Justice for Jeremiah, and let people know we want an investigation. Click here to sign the petition.

On 27th March 2009, supporters of the Justice for Jeremiah campaign travelled to Wiesbaden, Germany, to commemorate the 6 year anniversary of Jeremiah's death. Amongst the events and meetings held, Jeremiah's friends and family walked the five and a half kilometres believed to be Jeremiah's final journey. Locals of Wiesbaden were shocked and saddened to hear what had happened in their hometown and offered their support.

More information here.

On Friday 17th October 2008, supporters of the Justice for Jeremiah campaign participated in an international forum in Berlin asking 'Does the Larouche Group Pose a Threat to Individuals and a Danger to Society?' Here, it was agreed by politicans from Britain and Germany as well as academics from both sides of the Atlantic that the Larouche group is indeed a threat to individuals and to the state. This provided a public recognition that Jeremiah Duggan had been involved in a dangerous group at the time of his suspicious death.

More information here

Previous events

Meeting with Baroness Symons 1st April 2004

Meeting in Parliament with Baroness Symons, Head of Consular Services. Click here for more information.

London MEP urges investigation of Jeremiah Duggan's death 5th May 2005

Baroness Ludford raises the matter in European parliament. Click here for more information.

Campaign in Parliament: Meeting in Portcullis House 27 March 2007

MPs, Peers, lawyers and family call for new investigation in the Duggan case. Click here for more information.


Early Day Motion 12th May 2007

British Parliamentarians call for new investigation in the Duggan case. Click here for more information.

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