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The Berlin International Forum

"DOES THE LAROUCHE GROUP POSE A THREAT TO INDIVIDUALS AND A DANGER TO SOCIETY?" was held Friday 17th October 2008 in the House of Democracy in Berlin, Germany. It was declared the Bueso/LaRouche group a threat to the individual and a danger to the State.


From left to right: Chip Berlet, Dr. Matthew Feldman, Dr. Rainer Fromm; Hans-Christian Stroebele, RA Eberhard Schulz

This Forum aims to raise awareness about the LaRouche group. We will give voice to all those who suffer because of a failure of our European Society to address the legal and ideological issues in question. Now, for the first time in Germany, former members together with the disaffected families will publicly examine whether the LaRouchites represent a danger to society, and to European law.”

Erica Duggan

The longer we remain silent the longer the problems continue so we ask families, friends and former members to give us their views; write a brief statement to justiceforjeremiah.com (choose a pen name for anonymity)

In attendance:

  • Herr Stroebele (MdB, Bündnis 90/Green Party).
  • Professor Gert Weisskirchen (MdB, SPD)
  • Simon Hughes, MP (Shadow Leader of the House of Commons and Party President of the Liberal Democrats)
  • Ursula Caberta (sect adviser of the city-state Hamburg)
  • Lawyers for Erica Duggan: RA Eberhard Schultz and RA Claus Förster
  • CHIP BERLET (USA political analyst ) travels to Germany to speak to the German people to say “The LaRouche organization is currently the world’s largest distributor of literature based on “coded anti-Semitism.
    The pattern of the antisemitism. How Larouche conspires to create world economic problems: even stirring up hatred using the Protocols of the Elders of Zion- talking about Venitians/code word for Jews as conspiring like "Locusts" to control the world! In 2008 Lyndon LaRouche spoke about the British empire being a form of a kind of locust horde! In 2006 he re-iterated his doctrine about how the British brought Hitler to power!
  • Dr Matthew Feldman (Senior Lecturer History, Northampton University, editor “Compass” UK)
  • and more...

Is the LaRouche Organization destructive to our Society?

The LaRouche network is a totalitarian political organization that operates through a variety of front groups throughout the world. Its leader is a convicted Fraudster who has lectured in Germany promoting his anti-semitic conspiracy theories.

The LaRouche Organisation is present in Germany in the form of a political party, the BüSo Party, and unscrupulously exploits the freedom enjoyed by political parties (their privileged status under Basic Law) for its leader-oriented organisational structure and its aggressive, hate-filled political campaigns.

The internationally active LaRouche Youth Movement in particular represents a danger for young people and young adults.
The idealism of young people to fight against social evils like unemployment, hunger, poverty and wars is exploited in order to alienate and remove them from their family and social surroundings and integrate them into the LaRouche Organisation's totalitarian structured machine. They give up their self-determined life, abandon professional education and study and live close together in crowded living areas. They are doled out an allowance for subsistence at the Organisation's discretion and work full-time for LaRouche with no leisure time or any time off for holidays. Lyndon LaRouche is a convicted Fraudster and yet international financial arrangement of the LaRouche Schiller Institute and the Youth movement remains a secret.

The unexplained violent and sudden death of Jeremiah Duggan, a young British student, on 27 March 2003 following a LaRouche Organisation conference and cadre training in Wiesbaden highlight the need for a full enquiry to ensure the safety of all.
We therefore demand

  1. that the competent social institutions focus their attention on the totalitarian LaRouche Organisation and examine whether its activities fall within the framework of the Basic Law,
  2. This enquiry should include a wide ranging investigation into the coded anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories disseminated within Germany and to the rest of the world
  3. that the full circumstances surrounding the violent death of Jeremiah Duggan are fully and fearlessly investigated.
  4. that in particular the methods used to recruit young people are investigated and made public,
  5. that the employment of these young people in the LaRouche Organisation is investigated under the aspects of labour law and tax and social security obligations,
  6. that in future young people in schools and universities are taught about the totalitarian LaRouche Organisation and warned of its dangers.

This statement will be supported by the Panel at a Forum to be held as follows:
Place: The House of Democracy. Greifswalder Str 4. Berlin
Time: 2.30 pm 17th October 2008

PDF (in German)

Fact sheet prepared by lyndonlarouchewatch.org (Dennis King) for the Berlin BÜSO/LaRouche forum



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