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"Institutional racism in Germany is 'as bad as the Stephen Lawrence case' "

Letter delivered to the German Embassy London 28 May 2014

I Accuse! 

Letter to the Chancellor Angela Merkel Of the Federal Republic of Germany May 2014 

Dear Chancellor Merkel 

Your post war predecessors and you have earned a reputation for claiming to have strengthened Germany’s status as a democratic nation, and one which values human rights and justice.   It is my sad duty to inform you that your claims seem hollow, and little more than public relation exercises. I draw your attention to the miscarriage of justice concerning the death of my son Jeremiah Duggan, in extremely suspicious circumstances in Wiesbaden, in 2003. 

Jeremiah was a British student in Paris, at the British Institute and the Sorbonne, when he was persuaded to attend a ‘Peace Conference’ in Germany. He soon discovered that he was amongst Right Wing extremists - followers of Lyndon LaRouche, a convicted criminal, whose message was that it was the British and their ‘agents’, the Jews, who were fomenting the war in Iraq, to bring about world destruction. 

At 5:25 am on March 27, 2003, Jeremiah phoned me from Wiesbaden, begging to be saved, saying he was in danger of his life from members of the LaRouche Group. Within the hour his dead body was found beside the road, close to the LaRouche offices.

The Wiesbaden authorities, led by police investigator Inspector Schächer, decided there and then that Jeremiah’s death was suicide, and that they did not have to investigate. They declared they were not concerned with the circumstances surrounding the death. As a result, I have found myself in the impossible position of being a mother having to investigate the death of my own son. 

I have evidence that the LaRouche group stated that Jeremiah was ‘an enemy’, who ‘deserved to die’, and that immediately prior to his death he had been in the offices of the LaRouche Organization, and that he had been attacked and chased.

In spite of compelling expert evidence uncovered, contradicting the police findings, and in a chilling echo of the Hessen department of the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, who failed to investigate the horrendous Döner-Morde or “Kebab Killings”, the Wiesbaden authorities have refused to properly investigate Jeremiah’s death. I have seen how the Wiesbaden Prosecution service and the Wiesbaden Police Dept. have manipulated the judicial system to prevent a proper investigation. 

Over eleven years they have: 

- spread false and misleading information

- covered up and destroyed crucial evidence

- hidden the identities of people suspected of harming Jeremiah

- attempted to bury the case in delay, obstruction and falsehoods

In December 2012 the Higher Court in Hessen (OLG) gave a verdict that Wiesbaden Police Dept. had failed in their duties to properly investigate. The OLG verdict stipulated:


    -   that the police should act with urgency to set up Mutual Aid to get the people in France who were last with Jeremiah investigated


    -   that the circumstances leading to Jeremiah’s death should be independently and thoroughly investigated


    -    that the real possibility of collective harming by the LaRouche organization should be independently and thoroughly investigated

Seventeen months on, my lawyers have been forced to register a complaint because of their continued obstruction. It is only the third time in the last 60 years of the history of the Federal Republic that such a ruling by a German court has been handed down. Therefore it is even more shocking that the Wiesbaden authorities continue to flagrantly ignore the court.

A measure of the integrity of a state is in how far it brings to justice its own agents of authority. If Germany wishes to demonstrate to the world that it is a just and non racist country, it is now that it must abide by its own and international codes of conduct, justice and law.

                                                                    I ACCUSE!


of presiding over


        -  an administration which shields those who corrupt their offices of state


       -   an administration which connives at the abuse of power by police and prosecutors, in that there is no workable provision for an independent investigation of the police and prosecutors themselves

       -    an administration which tolerates institutional racism

I accuse Chief Prosecutor Andreas Winkelmann of

        -  deceiving my lawyers into believing that he would abide by the December 2012 decision of the Oberlandsgericht (Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt) that the case should be opened, and that a fully independent investigation be carried out 

        -  allowing the re-appointment of Inspector Schächer, the very officer who in the first instance, had lied, destroyed and covered up evidence, and blocked a proper investigation.

I accuse Chief Prosecutor ANDREAS WINKELMANN in that 


     -  he gave a false undertaking that if we dropped our complaint against Pros. Schick-Jensen, that she (Pros. Schick-Jensen) would no longer deal with the case


    -   he reneged on this undertaking, in spite of having been informed by our lawyers that this was the very Prosecutor who admitted to us that she closed the case without reading the files


    -  in contempt of the ruling of the court, he allowed the appointment of the same Police officer, Inspector Schächer, to conduct yet another deeply flawed and corrupt ‘investigation’. 


     -   of being complicit in sustaining a bogus investigation of my son, Jeremiah Duggan’s death


     -   of failing to comply with the ruling of the OLG court that ordered her to carry out an investigation with urgency and speed. Seventeen months after the OLG verdict she still has not set up Mutual Aid assistance in order to interview possible suspects and witnesses in France.  

I ACCUSE  Inspector Schächer   

       of giving deliberately misleading information in a letter to the authorities in which he stated that there had been a post-mortem when this was a falsification, as no doctor had performed a post mortem on Jeremiah’s body, and thus it was uncertain how the injuries were sustained.

I ACCUSE  Inspector Schächer 

        of deliberately misleading the authorities, by describing Jeremiah’s injuries as if he were a qualified doctor, and in doing so, omitting to mention

   -   the absence of vehicle contact marks on the body 


   -   the absence of human body impact marks on the vehicles 

I ACCUSE  Inspector Schächer   

     of deliberately withholding a document from the prosecutor’s file which quoted a Doctor Paul who certified that Jeremiah was dead at the scene, and who stated that a formal post mortem should be carried out as it was questionable that the body was run over.

I ACCUSE  Inspector Schächer  

of criminal negligence and deception in that in 2003


    -    he made no crime investigation of the alleged crash scene

    -   by telephone he gave the traffic officers who were at the alleged crash scene permission to allow the drivers of the cars, who were alleged to have run Jeremiah over, to leave the scene, and thus failed to interview them or any other material witnesses nor obtain verifiable witness statements.


    -  he destroyed crucial evidence for which he was responsible, namely Jeremiah’s clothes, which could have demonstrated that he was not hit by a car

    -  he failed in his duty to restore Jeremiah’s clothes and shoes to me, in spite of my legal right to have these returned to me, and my request for this


    -   he failed to trace the source of Jeremiah’s phone call to me, in which Jeremiah named the group threatening him


    -   he failed to investigate whether or not Jeremiah was in the EIR offices belonging to the LaRouche News Agency which are very near to where the body was found. 



through its Prosecutors Brand, Winkelmann, Binoik, Ferse, Schick-Jensen and Schlosser, 

          of institutional racism, and that in spite of evidence in their possession, going back over thirty years, and in spite of being fully informed that the LaRouche network was a destructive extremist group posing a threat to the individual and a danger to Society (with its targets of hate, the British and the Jews) they have passed this off as ‘not their concern’, and they decline to investigate possible crimes.   


I accuse the Federal Republic of Germany


       - of being part of the system that fails to provide an unbiased and full investigation into the assault and unlawful killing of my son, Jeremiah Duggan


  • of being complicit in and turning a blind eye to the racist attitudes and programmes of the LaRouche Group, which is named in the Encyclopedia Judaica as a major source of masked anti-Semitic theories in the world


As a foreigner in Germany, for eleven years I have been lied to, obstructed and denied my rights by the authorities. Eleven years ago, Jeremiah and I both suffered the loss of his life, and for eleven years we have both suffered the denial of justice in Germany.  

         In Germany, justice is treated with contempt!

  In Germany, Jeremiah Duggan’s human right to a proper investigation into his death has been denied! 

  Until ALL the perpetrators of crimes are brought to justice,  Germany is on trial!

I accuse the German Dept of Justice!

Chancellor Angela Merkel, I Accuse You! 

Erica Duggan

Mother of Jeremiah Duggan 

Watch the J’Accuse Video 

Institutional racism in Germany is 'as bad as the Stephen Lawrence case'

Mother of dead student says police destroyed evidence and asks for investigation into involvement of far-right group
Jeremiah Duggan
Jeremiah Duggan believed he was going to a conference about Iraq. In fact, it was an event organised by the far-right LaRouche group. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian

The mother of a British student whose body was found on a road inGermany in 2003 told a court yesterday of her 11-year struggle to understand how he died, and accused German police of having destroyed key evidence in the case.

Erica Duggan's 22-year-old son Jeremiah, from north London, is said to have died after attending a youth event organised by the far-right "cult-like" LaRouche group in March 2003.

The German police concluded his death was "a suicide by means of a traffic accident".

But the Jewish student's family have never accepted that ruling and in May 2010 the high court ordered a fresh UK inquest after judges said evidence of possible foul play must be investigated.

On Wednesday Mrs Duggan fought back tears as she criticised a new investigation into the case launched by German authorities in 2012.

She told North London coroner's court there was "nothing but institutional racism" in the country, accused police there of destroying evidence and said it was "as bad as the Stephen Lawrence case".

Giving evidence at a pre-inquest review, she told coroner Andrew Walker: "We are back 11 years sitting in that police station waiting for them to investigate. Nothing has changed.

"What does it do to my children and my family? It means that I sit in front of the computer. I don't have time for my mother. I actually feel after 11 years I want this to be done with. I'm sure my son doesn't want us to go on suffering with it ... All I want is a proper investigation in Germany."

Duggan, from Golders Green, was in a "state of terror" when he phoned his family pleading to be rescued from danger, before he was found deadon the autobahn near Wiesbaden, a coroner said at the first inquest into his death in 2003.

A student at the British Institute and the Sorbonne in Paris, he had believed he was going to a conference concerning the problems in Iraq.

Four years ago, two high court judges ordered a new inquest, saying fresh evidence asserted the death may have occurred elsewhere and the road accident may have been "stage-managed".

On that occasion it was alleged that one member of the LaRouche movement had told his mother: "We have hunted him down ... it is right that he is dead. He is a traitor and a spy."

Jeremy Hyam, the Duggans' lawyer, said on Wednesday there was an order to reopen a previous investigation in Germany after a court in Hesse "concluded that the facts as found by the prosecutor appeared to be impossible in the light of the evidence available".

But Mrs Duggan has filed a complaint about the conduct of the new investigation, the court heard.

Called to give evidence, she claimed there was an "unwillingness" to investigate in the first probe into her son's death.

When the new investigation opened in 2012, she said they were more hopeful.

She said: "We thought this is a whole different world. Now the justice system in Germany is going to work."

But she continued: "What we found out was that they went back to the same police officer.

"After 11 years they go back to the same policeman who, in my mind, destroyed evidence. We asked for the clothes and shoes and they were destroyed. We asked for the phone call to be traced and it wasn't."

The coroner indicated that a full, three-day inquest would be held in February.

Duggan and her supporters took a letter on Wednesday afternoon to the German embassy in London addressed to the country's chancellor, Angela Merkel, setting out concerns about how the case was handled.

A spokesman for the embassy declined to comment, saying: "In general, this is a matter for the judiciary in Germany which is independent so we never comment on that."



New hope for Duggan mother as she heads to court

Erica Duggan (Photo: Daniel Easterman)

Erica Duggan (Photo: Daniel Easterman)

The mother of a north London student who died under suspicious circumstances in Germany has taken her quest for justice to the British courts.

Erica Duggan has waged an 11-year battle with the German authorities over the fate of her son Jeremiah.

The 22-year-old was found dead on the roadside in the town of Wiesbaden in 2003 after attending a youth event organised by Larouche, widely regarded as a cult-like group.

Mrs Duggan has claimed the German police have failed to conduct a proper investigation, destroying evidence and carrying out a cover-up.

This week, at a hearing at North London Coroner’s Court, she broke down in tears as she gave testimony, telling how police had regarded her son’s death as suicide and refused to mount a proper investigation.

Coroner Andrew Walker agreed to grant a formal inquest next year.

Speaking outside the court, Mrs Duggan said: “Our legal system can do what no other court in the world has done — to look into the danger which killed my son.

“German justice has failed. It’s very difficult to think my son’s life was cut short and thrown away without any value. It’s very shocking that this would happen in Germany — they didn’t valued his life and don’t want to look into it.”

Later in the day, Mrs Duggan delivered a letter addressed to Chancellor Angela Merkel to the German embassy in central London. She was accompanied by members of her family and supporters

The document, written in the style of Emile Zola’s J’Accuse article after the Dreyfus case, names German police and prosecution officials who Mrs Duggan has accused of obstructing the investigation.

She drew parallels with the Stephen Lawrence case in Britain, claiming that the German police force was institutionally racist.

She said: “It has been a terrible strain. It has taken away my life for 11 years. It’s affected all of our family and the time I’ve got to spend with them. I resent that.”

In a statement, a spokesman at the German embassy said it could not comment on the case as it was a matter for the German judiciary.

Last updated: 4:45pm, May 29 2014

Golders Green mother writes to Angela Merkel alleging German cover-up of son’s death

Erica Duggan outside Barnet Coroners' Court holding her letter to Angela Merkel. Picture: Mark Hakansson.Erica Duggan outside Barnet Coroners' Court holding her letter to Angela Merkel. Picture: Mark Hakansson.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 
4:49 PM

A Golders Green mother has delivered a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel accusing her government of being complicit in a cover-up of her son’s mysterious death in Germany in 2003.

Erica Duggan delivered the letter after speaking at a pre-inquest hearing at Barnet Coroners’ Court about the death of her 22-year-old son Jeremiah, a Jewish student who was found lying in a road near the German city of Wiesbaden with fatal head injuries in 2003.

German authorities ruled that Jeremiah had committed suicide by running into oncoming traffic but Ms Duggan insists her son came to harm at the hands of a branch of international political movement LaRouche, a cult suspected of fascist and anti-Semitic beliefs.

Ms Duggan visited the German Embassy today to deliver the damning letter addressed to Ms Merkel.

This morning, coroner Andrew Walker ruled that a second inquest into Jeremiah’s death would take place over three days in February 2015.

Ms Duggan, who has fought an 11-year battle in German and British courts for justice, testified in court today and made an emotional plea to Mr Walker to help her uncover the truth behind her son’s death.

Fighting back tears, she said: “I need to ask, what can I do? By fixing this date in the future – what does it do to my children and family?

“It means that day and night I sit in front of that computer, I don’t have time for my mother whose 101, I don’t have time for my daughters because I’m going to Germany.

“It’s an impossible situation and after 11 years I’m done with it and I’m sure our son doesn’t want us to go on. I’m up against a so-called democratic state with no mechanism to actually question the prosecutors of state. There’s nothing but institutional racism in Germany.”

At the time of his death, Golders Green-born Jeremiah was a student in Paris and had travelled to Germany for an anti-war conference organised by LaRouche.

Ms Duggan, a retired teacher whose family fled the Nazis in the 1930s, believes Jeremiah came to harm after becoming aware of the cult’s anti-Semitic views and challenging them.

Last week, the Ham&High reported Ms Duggan’s description of her son’s death as “the Stephen Lawrence case in Germany”, a view she repeated in court yesterday.

German lawyers representing Ms Duggan recently issued a legal complaint accusing German prosecutors of flouting a 2012 court order to re-open the investigation into the death following the emergence of new evidence.

Describing the re-launched investigation, Ms Duggan told the court: “I thought we were going to find out what happened to Jeremiah. But what we found out was that they went back to the very same police officer who we’d faced on that Friday in 2003 who had looked at us across the table and said, ‘We don’t have to investigate. This is suicide and we are not willing to investigate the people from this organisation.’

“After 11 years they go back to the same person who in my mind destroyed evidence. I asked for the clothes and the shoes and they were destroyed. I asked for [Jeremiah’s final] phone call to be traced, it wasn’t.

“What was happening was not in reality an investigation, just going through the motions.”

In November 2003, coroner Dr William Dolman recorded a narrative verdict after an inquest, ruling out suicide and concluding Jeremiah was in a “state of terror” when he died.

A new inquest was ordered by the High Court in 2010 after Ms Duggan obtained fresh evidence from a number of experts which indicated Jeremiah was not struck by any cars but was placed in the road and sustained head injuries elsewhere.

The German Embassy was unavailable for comment as the Ham&High went to press.

To find out more about Ms Duggan’s legal fight, visit justiceforjeremiah.yolasite.com

The family would also welcome any donations to support their costly legal battle. If you wish to support their cause, you can write a cheque out to “The Jeremiah Duggan Memorial Fund” and send it to BM Jerry, London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom.

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