Justice for Jeremiah



DATE : WEDNESDAY. 28 March, 2018 at 13.00.

PLACE: Chamber of Solicitors: Serdar Kaya &Christian Noll

Meinekestrasse 7, 10719 Berlin. Germany.

         On the 27th March fifteen years ago Jeremiah Duggan rang his mother in the early hours of the morning saying he needed to be rescued from danger. Twenty five minutes later his body was found beside the motor way outside Wiesbaden. The case was never properly investigated as the authorities dismissed it as suicide. 

         For more than nine years the family tried to get the case open. New information came from witnesses that Jeremiah had been attacked and suspects were named. This led in 2012 to the Frankfurt Higher Court deciding the failure to investigate was wrong and stated that a far reaching enquiry should speedily take place. Despite this verdict, the Wiesbaden Prosecution office saw nothing wrong in using the self -same police detective who was responsible in 2003, for destroying vital evidence. 

                           At the meeting on Wednesday, the 28th March the Duggan family’s lawyers will explain why they will support Erica Duggan’s wish to challenge the attempt to close the case.

                   Erica Duggan will outline how it has taken 15 years of legal action to bring about this investigation, and yet still the German authorities continue with the same blinkered mindset and vital lines of enquiries are ignored.

            ‘It is a scandal that after all these years the Wiesbaden Prosecutor refuses even to interview me. The danger that killed my son still remains.” Questions will be raised about why a political cult with its European headquarters in Wiesbaden, extensively documented as inciting hatred and spreading anti-Semitic and anti-British conspiracy theories throughout the world, apparently is granted immunity by the German state.

Erica Duggan


The family are represented by Serdar Kaya and Christian Noll.

The meeting will be held in English and German.

Please confirm if you wish to attend and indicate if you need a headset for translation.

Please respond to Serdar Kaya or Christian Noll:  0049 30 62 72 96 62




DATUM: Mittwoch, 28. März 2018, 13.00 Uhr.

ORT: Anwaltskanzlei Serdar Kaya &Christian Noll

Meinekestr. 7, 10719 Berlin 

Vor 15 Jahren, in den frühen Morgenstunden des 27. März 2003, rief Jeremiah Duggan seine Mutter voller Angst an und flehte sie an, ihn aus der Gefahr zu retten. 25 Minuten später wurde seine Leiche auf einer Bundesstraße in der Nähe von Wiesbaden aufgefunden. Die Justiz tat den Fall sofort als Selbstmord ab und ignorierte den Wunsch der Eltern, den Todesfall zu ermitteln. 

Mehr als neun Jahre lang kämpfte die Familie dafür, dass der Fall eröffnet wurde. Zeugen meldeten sich mit neuen Informationen darüber, dass Jeremiah angegriffen worden war, und Tatverdächtige wurden namentlich genannt. 2012 hat das Oberlandesgericht (OLG) Frankfurt in einem Beschluss entschieden, dass es falsch war, auf Ermittlungen zu verzichten, und ordnete sofortige und weitreichende Ermittlungen an. Trotz dieses Beschlusses hat die Staatsanwaltschaft Wiesbaden Ermittlungsergebnisse desselben Polizeibeamten benutzt, der 2003 für die Zerstörung entscheidenden Beweismaterials verantwortlich war.

Heute bleiben Schlüsselfragen offen:

Wo war Jeremiah in den letzten Stunden seines Lebens?

Wer war bei ihm?

Wo waren die beiden Tatverdächtigen?

Dennoch hat die Staatsanwaltschaft Wiesbaden entschieden, den Fall zu schließen.

Bei der Veranstaltung am 28. März 2018 werden die Anwälte der Familie Duggan erläutern, warum sie Erica Duggans Wunsch unterstützen, gegen diesen Versuch, den Fall zu schließen, Beschwerde einzulegen.

Erica Duggan wird skizzieren, wie es viele Jahre rechtlicher Schritte bedurfte, um diese Ermittlungen zu veranlassen – dennoch arbeitet die Justiz mit denselben Scheuklappen weiter, und entscheidende Ermittlungsansätze werden ignoriert.

Es werden Fragen gestellt, warum die LaRouche-Organisation, eine Polit-Sekte mit europäischem Hauptquartier in Wiesbaden, offenbar Immunität durch den deutschen Staat genießt, obwohl ausführlich dokumentiert ist, dass sie weltweit zum Hass aufstachelt und antisemitische und antibritische Verschwörungstheorien verbreitet.

Erica Duggan: "Es ist ein Skandal, dass die Staatsanwaltschaft Wiesbaden sich nach all diesen Jahren weigert, mich überhaupt zu vernehmen. Die Gefahr, die meinen Sohn getötet hat, bleibt bestehen."

Verfasserin: Erica Duggan, E-Mail: justiceforjeremiah@gmail.com    http://justiceforjeremiah.yolasite.com/      http://larouche-danger.com/   

Die Familie wird von den Anwälten Serdar Kaya und Christian Noll vertreten.

Die Veranstaltung findet auf Englisch und Deutsch statt.

Um Antwort wird gebeten. Teilen Sie bitte mit, ob Sie einen Kopfhörer benötigen (es wird simultan gedolmetscht).

Antworten Sie bitte an: Serdar Kaya &Christian Noll  Tel. 030-62 72 96 62


 Image result for Die Zeit5 November 2015

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"Shadowy world of LaRouche" 

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Yves Messer, Masoud Banisadr interviewed by Steve Hassan following Jeremiah Duggan's Inquest and Conference on Extremist Groups


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The Board of Deputies criticises Angela Merkel

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Letter to my brother 

On the 10th anniversary of his death Jerry's older sister Louisa wrote a remarkable letter to her brother. Read it here

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Erica relates the events of the night Jerry died on the Radio 4 Broadcast "Soul Music" 

Erica remembers the events of the night.mp3

Jeremiah Duggan was 22 when he decided he needed to take a stand against the impending war in Iraq. A student in Paris, he joined a conference in Germany that professed a strongly anti war message. Jeremiah thought he was among kindred spirits, until he discovered that members of the conference seemed to blame the Jews and the British for starting the war. Confused, Jeremiah spoke out. Just a few hours later he was found dead on an autobahn. The cause of his death remains a mystery.

Jeremiah Duggan, a 22 year old British Student studying in Paris, travelled to Germany on the eve of the US invasion of Iraq, to participate in a “peace conference” run by a political organisation called the Schiller Institute (a part of the LaRouche Organization).

During the conference Jeremiah discovered that much of the polemic was directed against the British and the Jews for their supposed role in instigating the war. A war that he was told would set off a nuclear holocaust to destroy the planet and life as we know it. According to eyewitness reports, Jeremiah rose during one such diatribe to say "But I'm a Jew!"

For LaRouche background information visit:  http://larouche-danger.com/.


Six days after his arrival in Germany, in the early hours of 27th March 2003, he called his mother in London and said "Mum I'm in deep trouble.  You know this Nouvelle Solidarity [the name of the French branch of LaRouche Organization] -  I want out!" Then he made it clear he was in terror and wanted to get away and said:  "I'm frightened!  I WANT TO SEE YOU NOW!"  I asked him where he was but in the middle of spelling Wiesbaden the line was cut.

The German police decided immediately that this was suicide, stating that Jeremiah had run into the path of cars and they closed the case without further investigation. This conclusion was reached:

  • Without an autopsy.
  • Without forensic examination of his clothing, which the police destroyed without consulting Jeremiah's family.
  • Without taking written statements from the drivers of the two cars said to be involved in Jeremiah's death.

Four independent forensic experts agree that neither the damage to the two cars nor Jeremiah’s injuries support the conclusion that Jeremiah's death was caused by a road traffic incident.


Despite evidence calling into question every aspect of their conclusion, the German police have refused to reopen the case. This is why Jeremiah’s family pressed for a new inquest to be held in Britain which they hope will finally lead to a proper investigation by German authorities and to justice for Jeremiah.

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