Justice For Jeremiah - Case

The Case

On 27 March 2003 the body of a British student Jeremiah Duggan, was found at the side of a dual carriage way, five and a half kilometres outside the town of Wiesbaden in Germany.  Shortly before his death, Jeremiah made several telephone calls to his family and girlfriend indicating that he believed his life was in danger. Despite these phone calls, the German police decided almost immediately that this was suicide, that Jeremiah was hit and run over by cars and therefore closed the case far too quickly. The police took no formal witness statements, failed to investigate the full circumstances of this alleged "suicide", failed to hand over Jeremiah's clothes and shoes, failed to carry out a post mortem, failed to get a medical examination of injuries and failed to take notice of the parent's requests for a full investigation.

Circumstances prior to his death:
Jeremiah was studying at the British Institute in Paris when he was recruited from the streets of Paris to attend what he thought was an Anti-War conference in Germany. The Conference was organized by the Schiller Institute at their European headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany. This is a front group headed from the United States by Lyndon LaRouche, which operates a youth movement targeting students for recruitment on an international scale. Lyndon LaRouche is a convicted criminal, who served five years of a fifteen year prison sentence in the US. The LaRouche Organization is documented as a political cult with a history of terror tactics, brainwashing and intimidation. Many publications show anti-British and anti-Semitic viewpoints.

The parents were told that Jeremiah had made a public statement saying he was a Jew. Jeremiah spoke out in response to the way that the Jews were being blamed for the Iraq war and all the world’s evils. For the last thirty years  Lyndon  LaRouche, a notorious conspiracy theorists has published misinformation worldwide inciting hatred against the British and the Jews, with such misinformation frequently being picked up by the Middle East Press. On initial view this seems so outrageous that it has often been dismissed as a joke but underneath the codes, hate figures and falsifications, the danger of spreading incitement to hatred continues.  One of the  pernicious  myths  is  that  the  British Tavistock clinic of London is a part of the British Intelligence, that programs dangerous assassins to be sent worldwide to destroy political opposition in Britain's attempt to gain universal power.  The foundations of   anti-semitic conspiracy theories that lie behind this cultist movement  are  disguised  behind  a  smokescreen  of  high culture with homage to poetry, music and art . The title of "The Schiller Institute" is given to an association headed by LaRouche's German wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche. On the morning  of  his  death  Jeremiah  was  described  by  Helga Zepp LaRouche at a meeting in their offices, as representative of the enemy; British, a Jew and the Tavistock  and sent over from Britain to harm the organization.  The spot where Jeremiah's body was found is in close proximity to the headquarters of the LaRouche organization ("EIR" offices)

Map of Wiesbaden where Jerry died:

Recently LaRouche has concentrated his plans to expand his youth movement in Europe and this has led to mass defection by older members.  This has only strengthened the resolve of Lyndon and his wife Helga LaRouche to build up the youth movement in Europe. This means canvassing outside Colleges in France, Italy, Denmark and Germany to recruit young people to abandon their studies and become full time members.

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