Justice For Jeremiah - the case

Expert Forensic Evidence: Failure to Investigate

Recently a forensic pathologist of international  repute, studied the British post mortem report and the 75 photographs of the scene. He concluded there were no signs on the body or the clothes of Jeremiah being hit or run over by any cars; He also refers to the report of the British post mortem which shows forensic evidence that this was not a death by sudden impact and that there were defence marks to the hands.

Other contradictions include;

  • damage to the cars cannot be reconciled with the kind of damage likely to have been caused by a human body,
  • tracks on the road do not match the cars and breaking systems,
  • position of where the body found on the road not explainable.  

Paul Canning, expert UK forensic photographer found no evidence on the cars to show there was contact  with  a  body and this is even reflected in the German report from their expert who stated  there were  no deposits on the cars of blood or cloth.

Also, it is confirmed by German authorities that there was no forensic examination of the cars to establish how the damage to the cars occurred. The German accident reconstruction specialist admitted in a letter that the cars were moved prior to his arrival. He refers to the police making chalk marks drawn around the body and cars, before he arrived.

This invalidates the integrity of the accident.   

Moreover, Jeremiah's  passport, that was not found with his body but in the hands of the LaRouche organization in recent tests showed it was splattered with Jeremiah's blood.

Such compelling new evidence raise profound reservations about Jeremiah's death being caused in the manner first assumed at the time of the death.  Also they raise the question "Did Jeremiah die  from  head  injuries  inflicted by severe beating or kicks to the head or was he hit or run over?" On the basis  of  these expert  reports  a  submission  has  been  made on the 9th May to the Attorney General under section 13 of the Coroners Act.  The firm of Leigh Day and Co, partner solicitor Frances Swaine, headed by QC Keir  Starmer and barrister Anthony Metzer have requested that in the interests of justice a fresh inquest is held.

For the last four years the Duggan family have taken legal action in Germany, showing how there has been a violation of articles 2, 3 and 13 of the EHRC. To date all efforts have failed to bring about a full investigation and the case now rests with the German Constitutional Court. The legal team in Germany have advised that a new narrative verdict discounting suicide, or a verdict of unlawful killing, will be highly persuasive on the German police authorities to re-open their enquiries. It has been acknowledged and fully expressed in legal documents that if the British authorities requested an opening of investigations then the German authorities under the treaties existing, would have to comply. A new Inquest would help the British authorities gather more facts which would assist the British authorities to uphold their duty to take heed Jeremiah Duggan his right to life, his friends and family their right to Justice.

Urgent steps need urgently to be implemented to get an investigation into the full circumstances of the death of Jeremiah and its relation to the LaRouche youth movement.  Any organization that poses a threat to the youth, causes suffering either by physical or mental harm or is responsible for spreading anti-Semitic propaganda and the incitement to  hatred deserves serious investigation by German, British and French authorities.

For more information please see the speech by Frances Swaine, human rights lawyer given to a public Meeting held in Portcullis House, Westminster on the 27th March 2007.

 More information is given on Dennis King's website here: http://lyndonlarouche.org/duggan-high-court1.htm


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