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            Lyndon LaRouche died on 12 February 2019 aged 96 years.  Jeremiah Duggan died on 27 March 2003 aged 22 years old, after attending a conference of the LaRouche Organization. His life was stolen from him. It is with infinite hope that following the death of Lyndon LaRouche there will be honest people who will confess to the truth about what happened to Jeremiah. 

            There are no words to describe the amount of pain and suffering that Lyndon LaRouche caused. His work for many years ruined lives, destroyed families, broke up marriages, incited hatred, spread destructive anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and sowed the seeds of hate throughout the world. It is to be hoped that his life’s work will now come to an end. Lyndon LaRouche was convicted of fraud and given a fifteen-year jail sentence. His memorial will be that not only did he accumulate wealth for himself on the backs of the labour of his idealistic followers but that he cast them into situations of dependency where they lost all pride in their better selves and merely carried on working despite finally realising how sorely they had been betrayed. 




On 20 January 2019 the lawyer Serdar Kaya, acting for the Duggan family, filed an application in the Higher Court (OLG Frankfurt) to re-open the case on the grounds that the investigations to date had been deeply flawed, biased and insufficient.



Jeremiah Duggan, a healthy young student from England, studying in Paris, died in 2003 under suspicious circumstances only a few days after attending a conference in Germany, organized by the LaRouche organization. In 2008 new information came forward that Jeremiah was subjected to harm, and suspects were named.  In 2012 the case was forced open by a verdict by the Higher Court (OLG Frankfurt) which instructed that the circumstances surrounding the death be properly investigated. The Court placed importance on how the danger of collective harming should also be thoroughly investigated.



After the 2012 decision by the OLG, the Wiesbaden authorities delayed for six years to fully carry out the instructions of the Court. Despite the family’s objections, they returned to the same police inspector who in 2003 had destroyed vital evidence and by his action had delayed detection of possible crimes. The family’s lawyer, who had presented important information, was mostly ignored by the authorities who seemed bent on justifying their previous failures.  Key witnesses were not interviewed, and leads were ignored. They also refused to interview Erica Duggan who was the last person to speak to Jeremiah before his death when he phoned her twenty-five minutes earlier stating he was under threat from the LaRouche people and begging to be rescued. 

            Erica Duggan states: ‘Sixteen years ago we asked for a proper investigation and even now they show no sign of taking seriously the danger that killed our son.  Will there ever be protection for young people against the threat of destructive groups if the authorities continue to turn a blind eye?’ 


More Information:  http://Justiceforjeremiah.yolasite.com,  larouche-danger.org.

Berlin Lawyer: Serdar Kaya <mail@kanzlei-kaya.de>

Erica Duggan: justiceforjeremiah@gmail.com





DATE : WEDNESDAY. 28 March, 2018 at 13.00.

PLACE: Chamber of Solicitors: Serdar Kaya &Christian Noll

Meinekestrasse 7, 10719 Berlin. Germany.

         On the 27th March fifteen years ago Jeremiah Duggan rang his mother in the early hours of the morning saying he needed to be rescued from danger. Twenty five minutes later his body was found beside the motor way outside Wiesbaden. The case was never properly investigated as the authorities dismissed it as suicide. 

         For more than nine years the family tried to get the case open. New information came from witnesses that Jeremiah had been attacked and suspects were named. This led in 2012 to the Frankfurt Higher Court deciding the failure to investigate was wrong and stated that a far reaching enquiry should speedily take place. Despite this verdict, the Wiesbaden Prosecution office saw nothing wrong in using the self -same police detective who was responsible in 2003, for destroying vital evidence. 

                           At the meeting on Wednesday, the 28th March the Duggan family’s lawyers will explain why they will support Erica Duggan’s wish to challenge the attempt to close the case.

                   Erica Duggan will outline how it has taken 15 years of legal action to bring about this investigation, and yet still the German authorities continue with the same blinkered mindset and vital lines of enquiries are ignored.

            ‘It is a scandal that after all these years the Wiesbaden Prosecutor refuses even to interview me. The danger that killed my son still remains.” Questions will be raised about why a political cult with its European headquarters in Wiesbaden, extensively documented as inciting hatred and spreading anti-Semitic and anti-British conspiracy theories throughout the world, apparently is granted immunity by the German state.

written by Erica Duggan: email contact: justiceforjeremiah@gmail.com,

The family are represented by Serdar Kaya and Christian Noll.

The meeting will be held in English and German.

Please confirm if you wish to attend and indicate if you need a headset for translation.

Please respond to Serdar Kaya or Christian Noll:  0049 30 62 72 96 62


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