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On the 28th March Erica Duggan went to see the Prosecutor in Wiesbaden but yet again she was not available.  Erica Duggan delivered to her office a letter which lists the evidence that requires immediate investigation into the sudden and violent death of Jeremiah Duggan.

 This letter reminds the Prosecutor that it was alleged that Jeremiah was in the offices of the LaRouche organization a network extensively documented as inciting hatred against the British and the Jews, and who since the death of Jeremiah has published many articles through their own private Press and Intelligence Network that falsify the facts as well as defame his mother for trying to find out the truth.

“I am in Kafka situation. I am told to go round and round in circles and I now see that the law means nothing to the authorities of Wiesbaden. Anyone can die in Hessen and even be unlawfully killed and the authorities will dismiss it as suicide and no matter what the family do they will be treated as human life is of no value. This letter points out that no medical examination of any kind took place to examine whether or not Jeremiah got his injuries from being hit or run over. There were no witness statements taken at the scene  and furthermore even though we have collaborated witness statements about Jeremiah being attacked and hounded with names of suspects nothing is done.” said Erica Duggan

On the 27th March it will be eight years since the death of Jeremiah and despite this compelling new witness statements being submitted to the Prosecutor she has only interviewed one witness. That was a State official who stated that she had received information that Jeremiah was seen as the enemy and hounded to his death. The named suspect has refused to speak so the Prosecutor does nothing more.

“ For eight years I have trusted that Germany would follow the rule of law and properly investigate my son’s death but now I see why we take Germany to the European Court of Human Rights .” says Erica Duggan

Erica Duggan and her lawyers have asked the Prosecutor Frau Schick Jensen repeatedly over the last two years for an interview but she makes different excuses every time and refuses.  There has been a new file opened with the name of the suspect on it. This was after witnesses came forward alleging that Jeremiah was assaulted and hit before his death but nothing has changed because the German authorities prefer to brush the death under the carpet.  Prosecutor Frau Schick Jensen states in letters to the lawyers she has not had time to read the file or see the family or their lawyers. 

Erica Duggan returns to the UK today knowing that after eight years of delay there is no Justice yet for Jeremiah.

The letter handed to the Prosecutor is included at end of email.

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Repeated letters have been sent to the Prosecutor by the Lawyers of Erica Duggan but repeatedly she refused them.  She refused to see Erica Duggan again two weeks ago but here she has written more laying out the reasons for wanting a discussion.

Translation from German.

Frau Staatsanwältin Schick-Jensen
Mainzer Str. 124
65189 Wiesbaden
28 March 2011

Dear Ms. Schick Jensen

I am disappointed that you have no time for me.

It confirms why it is necessary for us lodge a complaint against Germany at the European Court of human Rights for your violating article 2 and failing to properly investigate.

I hope the European Court will eventually lead to me getting an investigation because of the following matters that continue to cause me great concern.

  1. There is corroborated evidence by two witnesses that there is a suspect and he is named. You have opened a new file on this person and it is alleged that this person stated that it was right that Jeremiah was dead as “he was a traitor and a spy.”  
  2. Just because this suspect reserves the right to be silent does not justify you not carrying out further investigations as it was alleged that my son was abused violently, hit, attacked and hounded to his death. 
  3. The fact that you now say there are time limits does not exclude the fact that by you deliberately delaying for many years to investigate, you have flouted the rule of law and have created the very situation you now use as an excuse. Only when you have investigated can you then conclude there is not a case, and to use the lapse of time to justify this action is an injustice in itself.
  4. With the exception of one State Official there has not been a single witness that has ever been interviewed by your authorities since you opened the new file. This has to be seen against the background of the failure of any doctor ever examining the injuries either in an external examination or a post mortem to establish how the injuries were sustained and what caused his death.  To make the assumption of suicide also raises the question: how do you prove it was suicide if you failed to investigate?
  5. There are few countries in the world that would sign a death certificate under such conditions. You include in your police report statements that a doctor examined the undressed body, when in fact you contradict this in the same report saying no such examination took place.  It is a very serious thing when someone dies and no doctor examines the injuries to see whether or not they were caused by being hit or run over by cars. The German doctor who merely testified that Jeremiah was dead wrote that it was questionable that this body was run over and recommended a post mortem. Yet your Prosecution offices disregarded the doctors advice. Furthermore no Prosecutor came to the scene of the death when that decision was made to not have a post mortem. 
  6. There is also evidence that police removed my son’s clothes and shoes, took photographs of his undressed body themselves and then destroyed his clothes and shoes despite our asking for the same. Again, no country in the world would allow this to go on without a proper investigation. No country in the world would accept that the police can do the work of doctors. Only after you have interviewed witnesses and carried out proper investigations can you in the eyes of the world be seen to be following the rule of law.
  7. We have presented you with evidence that it was stated that Jeremiah was chased and hit. We have presented you with evidence that during the night preceding his death, Jeremiah may not have been in the flat of the Head of the LaRouche Intelligence, but in the offices of the LaRouche Network namely the Executive Intelligence Review.  If those who were with Jeremiah at the time of his death have given misleading evidence and in fact prevented the full facts from being disclosed, it is not correct for you through your Prosecutor Colleague Herr Ferse to state that it is of no concern to you the circumstances surrounding the death of my son. 
  8. You and your predecessor have allowed for the last eight years publications to be made from the LaRouche network with offices in Hessen which incite hatred against Jewish people, British people and also tell falsehoods about me and my son. All that shows that you have failed in your duty to show any measure of duty of care to a foreign visitor to your land let alone consider the feelings of a family who see a German based organization spreading conspiracy theories around the world with you having no intention of even monitoring such criminal acts of defamation. 

  1. Inspector Schaecher stated the following to me on 28 March 2003, the day after my son’s death: “We do not want to investigate the LaRouche organizations.”  I agree you cannot investigate an organization but you should investigate the people who led the organization at the time and who collude with one another to withhold the truth. Not only was their Manageress in possession of my son’s blood stained passport but also there is evidence that ever since his death they have colluded with each other to cover up the facts, give misleading evidence and spread false conspiracy theories about me and my son worldwide.
I am a mother whose son phoned her shortly before his death naming the LaRouche organization members as putting his life in danger and yet you think that I will believe you when you express your sympathy for our loss.  I do not consider that your words of sympathy mean anything because if they did you would know that the one thing the Bereaved want is to know how their loved child died. You and your predecessor continue to deprive me and my family of that right. 

The failure of your authorities to properly investigate  the circumstances of my son’s death has inflicted on me and my family an additional form of grief because not only have you failed in your duty, but your acts and the actions of your predecessor, including your refusal to see my lawyers or speak with me show a basic lack of humanity and a failure to uphold human rights. 

What concerns many good people in Germany and in the world is that you wish to turn your back on Justice, despite new information and the fact that in the background of my son’s death there is a network of a highly destructive political cult that is extensively documented as spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that sow the seeds of violence from Germany to the rest of the world. 
I therefore ask you again to see me and let us try and address the serious concerns surrounding my son’s death.

I will be arriving in Wiesbaden on Friday afternoon the 25th March and on Monday morning the 28th March, 2011 would much appreciate meeting with you so that these matters can be fairly addressed.

Yours faithfully,

Erica Duggan.

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