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Meeting with Baroness Symons 1st April 2004

Meeting in Parliament with Baroness Symons, Head of Consular Services

Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean, Foreign Office Minister met with the parents of the late Jeremiah Duggan and a delegation led by Lord Janner Baron of Braunstone in a meeting at the House of Commons on the 1\4\2004. Lord Janner expressed the urgency of getting a full investigation into how a young British national was killed in mysterious circumstances in Germany. Dr Rudi Vis, MP for Finchley and Golders Green who had requested the meeting, outlined public disquiet about how such a death could possibly be linked to a political organization which has been documented as being anti-Semitic, and a political sect.

 Rabbi Danny Rich, Kingston Liberal Synagogue, now Head of the Liberal and Progressive Judaism in Great Britain, gave a personal recommendation of Jeremiah whom he had known from a young age. Rabbi Rich described Jeremiah as a gentle, caring and idealistic young man and vouched for the fact that Jeremiah had never shown the slightest signs of suicidal tendencies. Mention was made of the letter from Henry Grunwald. The President of the Jewish Board of Deputies which had been written to Baroness Symons supporting the request of the Duggans for an investigation.

Mr Wong, from the Jubilee Campaign, a Christian Human Rights Organization raised the question that if individuals or organizations with anti-Semitic agendas were involved in Jeremiah’s death it is crucial that re-investigation takes place to expose these people/organisation to prevent them persecuting other members of the Jewish community. He stated that “There is enough evidence of foul play and that the fact that this case has not been fully investigated makes this an important human rights issue.”

Baroness Symons gave her promise that she would act immediately to offer whatever help is available through the Foreign Office. Baroness Symons promised that speedy action would be taken.

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