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Press Release: 13 May 2014

This week on the 12 May 2014 the German lawyers Serdar Kaya and Christian Noll have issued a legal complaint (Dienstaufsichtsbeschwerde)  against the Prosecutors in Wiesbaden because they have flouted the orders of a verdict of a High Court in Germany ( OLG)  and have failed to investigate properly.

The suspicious death of Jeremiah Duggan shows how despite legal action in both Britain and Germany and verdicts ordering proper investigation the authorities  stubbornly refuse to comply. 

Background: Jeremiah Duggan died 27th March 2003

On the 20 May 2010 the British High Court of Justice ordered a new Inquest into the violent death of Jeremiah Duggan who in 2003 died in suspicious circumstances in Germany. After four years HMS Coroner, Mr. Andrew Walker has been unable to hold an inquest because of the refusal of the German authorities to supply the information he needs. The German authorities closed the case immediately declaring Jeremiah’s death a suicide and justifying their decision not to investigate. No amount of new evidence and expert analysis carried out over the past 11 years moved the German authorities to reconsider.  

Finally in December 2012 the Higher Court (OLG. Germany) ruled that the authorities had failed and that the case should be opened as a matter of urgency. It mentioned witnesses and suspects to be interviewed, including those that lived in France. Despite objections, the Wiesbaden authorities appointed the very same police officer who back in 2003 was responsible for destroying vital evidence, making false statements and refusing to trace the last phone call Jeremiah made shortly before his death to his mother in which he called out in terror begging to be rescued from danger. 

Sadly the Wiesbaden authorities have for two years flouted the orders of the court and wasted time so that they could close the case yet again. Even after nearly two years they have failed to set up the mutual assistance stipulated by the Court order. The continued deficiencies of the authorities to acknowledge that here was a British Jewish person who met his death in an unexplained manner is reminiscent of the institutional racialism as seen in the Stephen Lawrence case. Jeremiah had gone to Germany to protest against the Iraq War not realizing that the people who brought him there were members of an extremist group whose enemy purport to be the British and the Jews. Jeremiah being British and Jewish was representative of all they condemned. Jeremiah was declared the enemy within hours of his death by the leader of the Organisation.This was dismissed by the authorities and the same investigating officer said: “The LaRouche Schiller Institute is a respectable organisation. We do not want to and will not investigate these people.”

Jeremiah’s body was found a few minutes away from the offices of the Lyndon LaRouche Organization. This organization is extensively documented as a cult using psychological methods of subjugation. There are witness statements that allege that Jeremiah was attacked prior to his death. 

Erica Duggan states: “ Our pain at loosing Jerry is made worse by seeing how in a modern state like Germany Justice is put into disrepute. We had a strong and fair verdict by the OLG German Court but when it went back to Wiesbaden everything is decided behind closed doors and we still do not know in what circumstances Jeremiah died. For three years I have reframed from speaking out because I hoped there would be a far reaching investigation but I see this is not the case so we will now go to the Coroner and reveal all. I believe my son was unlawfully killed and enough years have passed - it is time to speak out about the lack of Justice and to say that the danger that killed Jeremiah still exists in Germany today.  This will be done at the forthcoming Coroners Hearing.

Preliminary Inquest Public Court Hearing:

Place: HMS.Coroners Court 

    29 Wood Street Barnet


Presiding Coroner: H.M.C. Mr Andrew Walker.

           Time :     Wednesday.  9am. 28 May 2014

Written by Erica Duggan.  May 2014. 

Contact: justiceforjeremiah@gmail.com

http://justiceforjeremiah.yolasite.com   http://larouche-danger.com

“The Jeremiah Duggan Memorial Fund” address: BM Jerry. London WC1N 3XX  UK. 

Merry Varney at Leigh Day &CO London. Press David Standard 7607540332717

Rechtsanwalt; Serdar Kaya. Christian Noll. 0049 306 272 9662.


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