Justice For Jeremiah

Prosecutor refused to meet mum over son's death in Germany

A MOTHER was denied a meeting with a German prosecutor to discuss her son's mysterious death there in 2003 - on the eighth anniversary of the tragedy.
Erica Duggan travelled to the continent to speak to officials over concerns about the original police investigation into the death of Jeremiah, whose body was found at the side of a motorway in Wiesbaden in the south-western state of Hessen on March 27 2003.
The authorities concluded it was suicide but family and supporters believe Jeremiah's death was “foul play” connected to the fact the Jewish 22-year-old, a former Quainton Hall School pupil who was studying in Paris, had been lured to Germany under the pretence of an anti-war conference by the LaRouche organisation – described in a coroner's court as “a political cult which has anti-Semitism and fascism in its ideology".
During her trip, Mrs Duggan laid flowers where Jeremiah's body was found but was refused an audience with Wiesbaden prosecutor Christiane Schick-Jensen.
She told the Observer: “I am in Kafka situation. I am told to go round and round in circles and I now see that the law means nothing to the authorities of Wiesbaden. 
“Anyone can die in Hessen and even be unlawfully killed and the authorities will dismiss it as suicide and no matter what the family do they will be treated as human life is of no value.
“On March 27, it will be eight years since the death of Jeremiah and despite compelling new witness statements being submitted to the prosecutor, she has only interviewed one witness.
“That was a state official who stated that she had received information that Jeremiah was seen as the enemy and hounded to his death. 
“The named suspect has refused to speak so the prosecutor does nothing more.
“For eight years I have trusted that Germany would follow the rule of law and properly investigate my son’s death but now I see why we take Germany to the European Court of Human Rights.”

In a statement, Thomas Beinlich from the prosecutor's office said: "The prosecutor in the case has examined all the relevant considerations and found no evidence for an external fault for the tragic death of Jeremiah Joseph Duggan.

"This decision was reviewed at the request of Erica Duggan by the General Prosecutor in Frankfurt am Main.

"The Prosecutor General's Office has confirmed the decision of the Prosecutor and on a further application by Erica Duggan, the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main reviewed the decisions of the Prosecutor and the General Attorney, and has concluded there are no grounds to reopen the investigations again.

"Finally, the Federal Constitutional Court on February 4 2010 found the constitutional complaint in the matter of Ms Erica Duggan was unfounded. 
"Given this history and process of the present decision - in particular of Germany's highest court - I see no reason for criticism of the investigation by the prosecutor."

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