Justice For Jeremiah - Findings

The cursory official findings of the German police claim that Jeremiah committed suicide by running into traffic on a Wiesbaden motorway, thus causing himself to be hit by one car and then to be run over by another. New evidence gathered by three top forensic specialists shows the damage sustained to Jerry's body could not have been caused by vehicles hitting him, is consistent with repeated beating by a blunt object, and appears to have been deliberately inflicted.

The details of the British post mortem and 75 photographs of the crime scene have been studied by a forensic pathologist of international repute. He concluded it was not possible that Jeremiah could have been hit or run over by any cars, as:

b) There were no traces on the vehicles of human hair, tissue or clothing. This is backed up by the German traffic accident reconstruction expert who stated that there were no deposits on the cars of blood, or cloth.

c) Damage to the cars cannot be reconciled with the kind of damage likely to have been caused by collision with and running over of a human body. The windscreen and door of one of the cars had been hit several times with an instrument, possibly a crow bar or something similar. This was also supported by an expert forensic photographer, who could find no evidence on the cars to show there was contact with a body. It is confirmed by German authorities that there was no forensic examination of the cars to establish how the damage to the cars occurred.

d) The tracks on the road do not match the cars nor match the braking systems of those cars.

e) It is not clear how the body could be found in that position on the road according to the descriptions given.

The report of a forensic medical specialist concluded:

a) An abundant quantity of fresh blood was found in Jerry’s respiration tracts and stomach, as well as numerous bruises on the surface of both lungs. This means that a large quantity of blood was inhaled, indicating that the death of Jeremiah Duggan was not instant, which would be expected from a head injury made by being run over by a car.

b) Injuries on hands and forearms appear to be defensive and inflicted most probably by multiple actions from the blunt side of a mechanical tool.

The police in Wiesbaden failed to take written statements from the drivers whose cars allegedly had struck Jeremiah, neglected to perform a post-mortem, and even destroyed Jeremiah's clothes without seeking permission from the family.

Jeremiah’s passport was not with his body, but in the hands of the Schiller Institute. Tests showed it was stained with Jeremiah’s blood.

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