Justice For Jeremiah

Briefing 25th May, 14, Justice has not been served.

When Jeremiah, a British student, went to Paris to commence his studies at the British Institute he was full of enthusiasm for what lay ahead. He was a popular young man with an enquiring mind. He made the most of life. He was interested in poetry, literature and music and said by his friends to make more use of all that Paris had to offer than anyone. At the same time September the 11th had just taken place and like so many people this event had a profound effect on him. His mother was Jewish and his father catholic and his upbringing had taught him to question life and have compassion for the predicament of others. He was a strong character and everyone who knew him described him as someone who enjoyed life and at the same time enjoyed working hard at his studies. He was prepared to stand up for what he believed. He was the kind of person who did not just talk about things; he did things.  He was someone who never stopped asking questions and trying to learn about the world. He loved people and life. Things could not have been better and then in January 2002 he met Maya, a Parisian music student and they fell deeply in love and made plans for a future together.

All this changed when in Jan. 2003 he bought a newspaper called “Solidarity Progres” in the streets, outside his College, from an older man, Benoit Chailfoux , who warned him that unless it was stopped the Iraq War could lead to the Third World War. Unknown to Jeremiah, Benoit was a recruiter for an extremist political network, led by a convicted felon, called Lyndon LaRouche. This man who has stood for President of the United States had started a youth movement in the USA and was now planning to increase recruitment in France and Germany. Chalifoux remarked to another member that as Jeremiah was Jewish he had to handle his recruitment in a different way. These specially trained recruiters are experts in manipulating through fear and guilt a young idealistic person’s desire to do good.  Benoit persuaded Jeremiah that the future of the world was at stake; unless he took responsibility and joined a protest aimed to stop the Iraq War he would be complicit in the world’s destruction. Jeremiah told his mother that he was persuaded to go to Germany with Benoit and a group of other members and find out more. 

On March 22nd he left Paris for Germany, where during the weekend he attended the Bad  Schwalbach Conference with the misleading title of “How to Reconstruct a Bankrupt World”  It was organized by the LaRouche Schiller Institute from their office in Erbeneheim, a town near to Wiesbaden. There were 500 members from different parts of the world, at the conference and their leader Lyndon LaRouche gave the opening address. The ideology of this conference which Jeremiah imagined was to create world peace turned out to be conspiracy theories and behind their doublespeak  it was the British and the Jews who were the enemy bent on spreading their influence worldwide and even prepared to destroy the world rather than loose control. Jeremiah attended the youth cadre that followed on the Monday and Tuesday, where he was exposed to more of the view that the Jews and their agents the British and certain USA politicians were engaged in secretive terrorist plans to create a world situation, where they can make wars and gain power. For example September 11th was said to be the work of a special department of the USA War Division and the Jewish and British influence, who it is claimed brought Hitler to power in Germany, was said to be have been responsible for turning USA politicians into Nazis This went alongside character assassinations on key Jewish figures labeled fascist with Nazi plans. This kind of thing is holocaust denial by proxy, with theories such as that Bush is the new Hitler.  

All this hate mongering shocked Jeremiah, who voiced his criticism publicly announcing that he was a Jew. All this took place in the country where Jeremiah knew his grandfather had escaped Hitler while family and friends were murdered in the holocaust. Jeremiah went away to do something to achieve world peace and discovers he is amongst extremists with conspiracy theories that incite hatred. This shocks Jeremiah so that on the night of his death he speaks out about how he does not trust their leader LaRouche and that he needs to return to discuss what he has learnt with his teachers. In his recruiting manual “Beyond Pscyho-analysis” Lyndon Larouche lays down their method of psycho-terror to break a person and then make them more malleable to be recruited.  From the lecture notes that Jeremiah kept we see how he was exposed to an attack on his integrity and his identity. Jeremiah being Jewish and British represented to them someone who was the enemy. This must have been felt by Jeremiah as an attack on who he was; on his identity.

Witnesses have testified that by Wednesday Jeremiah expressed doubts about the LaRouche organization and wanted to return Paris and not participate in their planned protest in Berlin. It took a few days for him to realize his mistake and of course he shared with the other young people a very strong desire to stop the Iraq War.  In the middle of the night he rang Maya in Paris telling her he would return that day to Paris as he had found out something so important that he could only tell her when he returned. He sounded fearful and said that he wondered if they had already harmed him. Was he aware of the dangers of mental manipulation? Was he under too much pressure? Had he been threatened or warned not to leave? Then at five twenty five he rang his mother in London and said he was in deep trouble and sounded in terror of his life. He begged to be rescued and escape from the people from the organization. An hour later his dead body was found beside the motor way not far from their offices.  The German police declared immediately it was suicide and Inspector Schaecher, who led the case, took no witness statements and allowed the two drivers to leave the scene five minutes before his arrival.

Inspector Schaecher secured no evidence, made no investigation of the alleged crash scene with the two cars that were alleged to have hit and run over Jeremiah and later when the body was taken to a nearby cemetery took pictures of the undressed body and wrote to the British that there had been a post mortem, when this was not correct. It was Inspector Schaecher that described the injuries as if he was a doctor.

A few hours after the death when Inspector Schaecher was telling the local Press Jeremiah committed suicide, the Head of the LaRouche movement in Germany Helga Zepp LaRouche   called  a meeting with fifty young people in the offices of the Executive Intelligence Review, told them Jeremiah was a spy and forbid anyone to talk about him. She said that Jeremiah who was British, a Jew was sent over to harm her husband Lyndon LaRouche and the organization. (Years later when this evidence came out a Wiesbaden Prosecutor, saw nothing suspicious with that assumption!)

When the parents arrived in Germany, the next day, they asked for an investigation and a post mortem, but this was refused and the Inspector stated he did not want to investigate the people from the LaRouche organization. He refused to give the parents any information about the Lyndon LaRouche organization and stated that the LaRouche Schiller Institute was a respectable institute. He handed the parents over to the Manager of the Schiller Institute, the very person who was strangely in possession of Jeremiah’s passport. The parents were told they had no rights to speak to the Prosecutor or to have any impact in whether or not they investigated the death of their son. When Erica Duggan told Inspector Schaecher about Jeremiah’s last phone call he dismissed that saying: “ That was Jeremiah’s good bye call. You do not know your son. People come all the time to jump in front of cars and trains and the parents never want to accept their child has committed suicide.”

For the last ten years The Duggan family have tried through the legal route to achieve an investigation and the reached the Court of Human Rights. They employed experts who studied the 79 photographs and these included 2 of the body. 

The facts remain that there was no medical examination of the body, to establish whether the injuries were commensurate with being hit or run over by cars, but there was a post mortem in the UK ordered by the British Coroner, who held an inquest and discounted suicide outright. He stated that Jeremiah died in a state of terror and because there had not been an investigation of any sorts, it was impossible to know the circumstances leading to the death.  Erica Duggan met the pathologist who read again his post mortem report and told her that this post mortem report showed Jeremiah was beaten to death. There were no tyre marks and his body showed that he was not run over by cars. There was a document signed at the side of the road by the German doctor who identified that Jeremiah was dead and it states there should have been a post mortem in Germany because she stated that it was questionable that he was run over. This document was kept out of the Prosecution files. No amount of  requests, providing of new evidence and expert analysis carried out over the past 10 years would move the Wiesbaden Prosecution services to open the case.

Finally in December 2012 the Frankfurt Upper Court ruled that Wiesbaden Prosecutors failed to investigate as they should, and accused them by their failure of preventing possible detection of crimes and stated that the case should be opened and a full and far reaching investigation carried out. At last there was the hope that Justice would be served. 

However the family’s lawyers struggled to get a proper response from the Prosecution offices in Wiesbaden. Eventually the Duggan lawyers agreed to drop the complaint against the Prosecutor Schick Jensen, who had refused for so long to open investigations, after admitting she had never read the files, with the understanding that a new Prosecutor would conduct the investigation and there would be a fresh and unbiased investigation.

However this was not the case and the very same Prosecutor Schick Jensen was allowed to set things up. She appointed the very same police Inspector Herr Schaecher to conduct the investigation. He was the policeman who had failed to investigate at the time of the death. He was given the chance by the Prosecutor to do the same job again. What was that? To cover up his mistakes? 

On the 4th September, Erica Duggan returned from Berlin having been told by her lawyers that eventually ( after about 6 months) a new Prosecutor had taken over but that even the new Prosecutor saw nothing wrong with the same Police Inspector who had failed to investigate properly ten years ago, being put in charge. A letter has been sent to the Chief Prosecutor Herr Andreas Winkelmann stating why the family are so concerned and want this policeman removed from the case. This made a mockery of the court order as well as showing us that there is no accountability in the law enforcement system in Germany.  The Police Inspector Schaecher was the person in charge in 2003 when the clothes and shoes were destroyed despite the parents request for them, and he was the instrumental in giving a false impression that there had been a post mortem when there had been no medical examination of injuries.  Also there had been no witness statements and the callous manner in which he dismissed the most important evidence of all Jeremiah’s last phone call to his mother, shows clearly it would be a miscarriage of Justice to let him conduct anything called an investigation. In 2003 there had been no attempt whatsoever to trace the last phone call made by Jeremiah in which he begged to be rescued, to see where he was and establish if he was in the offices of the LaRouche organization.

The authorities showed no concern when new information suggested that Jeremiah might have been physically and or psychologically attacked. Also that he was prior to his death, not in the flat in Wiesbaden but in the offices of the LaRouche Executive Intelligence Review, only minutes away from where his body was found. The Prosecutor Helmut Ferse even stated in a documentary “Lost Abroad” that it was no concern of the Prosecution office what were the circumstances leading to the death. 

Further evidence suggested that Jeremiah who was British, a Jew came to be talked about by Helga Zepp LaRouche ( leader) and Jean Gabriel Maheo ( recruiter)   in a meeting held in their LaRouche EIR offices only hours after the death. these two people described Jeremiah as having been in the Tavistock Clinic, being British and a Jew and therefore they said it was feared he had come over to harm them. Jeremiah as soon as he was dead was  seen  as representative of the enemy. Everyone was told not to speak about the death to anyone not even to each other. LaRouche tells his followers to see themselves as soldier fighting the enemy and when Jeremiah started to be critical they may well have seen him as a dangerous spy. Why have successive Prosecutors have never wanted to properly investigate this death when they are fully aware about the dangers of the LaRouche network?  Not only have they allowed to flourish in their town extremists, not dissimilar to ideological terrorists who say things that incite hatred but even when sudden deaths are reported to them they prefer to brush the whole thing under the carpet and despite Court orders – not to properly investigate.

Erica Duggan said: “ My son died found himself amongst people who use dangerous psychological methods of brainwashing, pressure and intimidation. In addition he must have been horrified when he realized that beneath all their deceptive intellectualizing there was anti-Semitic anti-British conspiracy theories. The people last with Jeremiah fled the country and refused to talk to me and now continue to hide the truth about where he was prior to his death. They must all be in it together and one day I hope Justice will be served. It is shocking how the German state can allow such extremist groups to continue with the spreading of their hate through the rest of the world? It is my view that my son was brought to his death in a very cruel and horrendous way. Their ideas, their activities, the actions of their members destroyed a young life and even now they do nothing but continue with defamation about me Jeremiah’s mother who has the right to find out how Jeremiah died. It is as in the the Dreyfus case, when authorities can get away with making decisions behind closed doors, institutional corruption creeps in; because people have the chance to cover up their mistakes. The fact that it has taken ten years to get one court verdict that asks for a new investigation and yet after eighteen months the authorities can brush the whole thing under the carpet for a second time, only shows there is no mechanism of accountability. 

Further legal complaints can be started only once the case is closed and even then there is nothing to stop repeated judicial failure continuing.  When those who made all the mistakes are allowed to repeat them, families like ours are forced to spend the rest of their lives seeking Justice. It has been at a huge emotional and financial cost that we as British citizens seek the Justice we have been denied and with Germany’s history do they really care?” 

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