Justice For Jeremiah

Jerry's friend Adam's speech at his funeral

For Jeremiah, Jerry, Jerz

We are gathered here today to say goodbye to Jerry, and to celebrate his life and all his gifts. He was an exceptional person who touched each of us each in his own extraordinary way. We all have our own special memories of Jeremiah - memories that will stay with us forever.

To me, Jerry was more than a best friend, he was also a brother and a mentor. It was little two year old Jerry who rushed next door to play with me the day I was born, and then patiently waited on the doorstep for me to grow up.

From the time I could walk I followed Jerry everywhere and we became inseparable. I looked up to him and he looked after me. We spent countless hours playing games cooked up by Jerry's wild and wonderful imagination. He introduced me to everything, from comic books to rock music, and we loved to dance around shaking our hips - he was always Elvis and I was Presley. Later, when Jerry discovered the Beatles, they became our favorite band, and we learned every song by heart. Jerry claimed he was the secret author of his favorite Beatle's song, Norwegian Wood, and this did not surprise me, because "isn't it good?" seemed to perfectly reflect Jerry's outlook on life.

It was Jerz who taught me the true meaning of friendship, a gift that I try to pass on to others every day. Jerry's sense of humor was contagious, and his zany wit kept us laughing and inspired me to find humor everywhere. And Jerry was full of love - until I was six years old I didn't know the meaning of being alone for I was always protected by Jerry's surplus of love.

When friends who didn't know Jerry hear that I've lost my best friend they tell me how sorry they are - but I feel sorry for them, too - they never got the chance to know Jerry and grow from his strength and guidance.

I cannot think about Jerz without a smile, for his life was one of joy, laughter and love. Jerry was always a remarkable person, but it was only after I left London that I came to realize what an incredible, thoughtful and intelligent man he had become.

Jerry, your legacy will continue. You are with me and all those you touched in your life, and we will feel your presence with us always.

I love you Jerry, and I always will.


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