Justice For Jeremiah

Press Release: Justice for Jeremiah?  

On 27 March 2003, Jeremiah Duggan’s body was found on a road near Wiesbaden, Germany. Since then, for eleven years, his mother Erica Duggan has tried to get a proper investigation into his death.

On Wed. 28th May 2014 there will be a Coroners Court Hearing in London. Erica Duggan will make an appeal to the British Coroner to use his discretion to hold a full Inquest as it appears that the investigation in Germany exists only in name and not in reality. When the case is closed the German authorities say they cannot investigate. When the case is open they refuse to co-operate and fail as well.

On 12 May 2014 Erica Duggan’s German lawyers Serdar Kaya and Christian Noll filed a disciplinary complaint (Dienstaufsichtsbeschwerde) against the Prosecutors in Wiesbaden because they have flouted the orders of a verdict of a High Court in Germany (OLG) and have failed to investigate properly. Despite legal action in both Britain and Germany and verdicts ordering proper investigation, the German authorities stubbornly refuse to comply.

Background: Jeremiah Duggan died 27th March 2003 Jeremiah Duggan was a British student in Paris, when he was persuaded to attend a ‘Peace Conference’ in Germany He soon discovered that he was amongst Right Wing extremists – followers of Lyndon LaRouche, a convicted felon, whose message was that it is the British and their agents, the Jews, who were fomenting the war in Iraq to bring about world destruction. At 5:25 a.m on March 27, 2003, Jeremiah phoned home from Wiesbaden begging to be saved, saying he was in danger of his life, from members of the LaRouche Group. Within the hour his dead body was found on the road, close to the LaRouche offices. The German authorities closed the case declaring Jeremiah’s death a suicide and justifying their decision not to investigate. No amount of new evidence and expert analysis carried out over the past 11 years moved the German authorities to reconsider.

On 20 May 2010 the British High Court of Justice ordered a new Inquest into the violent death of Jeremiah Duggan as new evidence alleged Jeremiah was attacked prior to his death. After four years H.M.S Coroner Mr. Andrew Walker has been unable to hold an inquest because of the refusal of the German authorities to supply the information he requested.

Finally in December 2012 the Higher Court (OLG Frankfurt am Main, Germany) ruled that the authorities had failed and that the case was to be opened as a matter of urgency. It mentioned witnesses and suspects to be interviewed, including those that lived in France. The OLG also stated that the authorities had disregarded evidence that Jeremiah had been in the offices of the LaRouche EIR. Despite objections, the Wiesbaden authorities appointed the very same police officer to investigate who back in 2003 was responsible for destroying vital evidence, making false statements and refusing to trace the last phone call Jeremiah made shortly before his death to his mother in which he called out in terror begging to be rescued from danger.

Even after 17 months, the Prosecutors have failed to establish the mutual assistance with France stipulated by the Court order.  

Erica Duggan says: “I look back and see how from the start there has been an institutional failure to carry out a far reaching investigation into the death and the dangers that still exists in that country today.” The integrity of a state can be measured by how far it brings to justice its own executors of authority. In the modern State of Germany that purports to set an example to the rest of the world there has been no Justice for Jeremiah. Now everything rests on the Coroner’s decision next Wednesday to see if he will use his discretion and open a full Inquest so that the family can get a measure of Justice to establish the cause and circumstances of the death.

Morning Place: HMS.Coroners Court 29 Wood Street Barnet EN54BE  Presiding Coroner: H.M.C. Mr Andrew Walker. Time: Wednesday, 28 May 2014, 9am.  

10.am After conclusion of Hearing. Outside the Court: Erica will read publicly the letter to be delivered to the German Chancellor.

Afternoon: Place: German Embassy, 23 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PZ   Time: 1.30 pm. Assemble outside. 2 pm. Outside Erica will read extract from letter to then be delivered to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Erica Duggan. May 2014.

Contact: justiceforjeremiah@gmail.com http://justiceforjeremiah.yolasite.com http://larouche-danger.com  

“The Jeremiah Duggan Memorial Fund” address: BM Jerry. London WC1N 3AX, UK.  

Merry Varney at Leigh Day &CO London. Press David Standard 7607540332717  

Attorneys in Germany: Serdar Kaya, Christian Noll. 0049 30 6272 9662.    

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